2022 ICONIC Spring Concert Program

The Spring Chorus Concert featured some of the most ICONIC songs from the last several decades.  

Click on the cover image to view the concert program.

                         Students Rehearsing January 2022

2021-2022 Chorus Patrons


Abigail Ahrens & Timothy Ahrens
Mike & Susan Beasley
Angela Benson
Susan Fiala
Chris & Julia Eppard
Joe & Renee Flynn
John Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Richard V. Johnson
Carrie Jones
Kim Keller
Maisha O'Neal
Polly Peckham
T.G. Powell
Barbara Skog
Paul and Melissa Slye
Matt & Tracy Stephan
Jen Thibodeau
Melissa VanDyke
Dan & Deborah Walsh
Stacia Warner
Alicia Williams


MaryKate Lehrer
Curtis Ransom


Thomas Sparks

        2019-2020 Chorus Patrons


Shannon and Rick Appelhauns

Susan Beasley

Angela Benson

Mi Young Choi

Anne Lawrence & Curtis Hovey

Christine Assil & David Reed

Jeanette DellaVedova

Amy Biehl & Dimetri Karousos

Cheryl Engelbrecht

Chris Eppard

Building for Mission Foundation

Tracey White & George Schreck

Nicole Iturralde

Winsome Lerfert

Ashley Gaudet & Lionel Gaudet

Tom & Cheryl Mazzei

Rosette Millora-Brown

Sebrina Morris

Dalal Nofal

Ryan & Maisha O'Neal

Teresa Osmoe

Talitha Powell

Linda & Jim Puhek

Frank & Kristin Resta

Gloria Rogriguez

Fred & Dee Sharracks

Sandy Terry

Alicia Williams

John & Monique Yates


Samantha Abenes

Bridget Higgins

MaryKate & John Lehrer

Kelle & Bill McLaughlin

Ken Rozelsky

Melissa Slye

Russ & Suzanne Smith

Matthew & Tracy Stephan

Deborah Walsh

Angie White

Marcia Woodham


Abby & Tim Ahrens

Shewa Allmi

Renee & Joe Flynn

Ed & Sarah Mangahas

Erin J. O'Grady

Curtis Ransom

Teresa Smith

Tammy Sparks


Aza Akrawi

Shea Allimi

Christine Assili

Zakiyya Brodie

Dulcie Larsen

Carrie Power

VMEA Program Book

November 19, 2021, Norfolk, Virginia

Click Here to See the Program Book From the VMEA 

A.J. Rodriguez and South County High School Singers 

See the amazing performance on November 19, 2021 in Norfolk, Virginia of the South County Singers at the Virginia Music Education Association competition.

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Recent Photos From Concerts and Chorus Events

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Masked Singer Event - February 2020

Welcome to our website

Masked Singer Event - February 2020

Welcome to our website

Masked Singer Event - February 2020